Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Hi! I'm Nolan. I'm a sophomore at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, CA studying computer engineering, because I couldn't choose between my love of software, electronics, and physics. I plan on posting any cool projects I happen to be working on as well as using this as a log for the ongoing project that is my DIY electric car. Thanks to Kenneth Finnegan (http://blog.thelifeofkenneth.com/) for persuading me to start this.

Now more about me: I'm an active member of the Cal Poly Amateur Radio Club (http://w6bhz.org) and I have a lot of fun playing with radios and making use of my recently acquired call sign, KK6ADS. I converted a Toyota RAV4 into a fully electric vehicle during my sophomore year of high school with the help of my dad, and I am now in the process of upgrading the lead batteries to lithium (more on that in later posts). I have fun writing android apps, and maintain one to check meal plan balances at Cal Poly (http://goo.gl/tJgWH). I also speak a fair amount of German, as I took four years of it in high school (and actually tried to learn it). That's all for now folks!

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