Tuesday, April 23, 2013

They're here!

The lithium batteries are here at last! Or more precisely the Lithium Yttrium Iron Phosphate batteries are here at last. After 500 miles and ten hours of driving (thanks Sean!) I am now in possession of 85 of the cells shown below, each one has a nominal voltage of 3.2 volts and a capacity of 60 amp hours. All three crates weigh a total of 527 pounds and the batteries themselves make up about 460 of that, with the rest being packaging, copper bus bars, nuts and bolts that are included.


Over the next week or so I'll be inventorying and checking all of the batteries, installing them in their boxes for the car, connecting the BMS to each cell, and wiring everything to the charger and controller in the car. I estimate there is about 10-12 hours worth of work to get the car moving and charging, assuming there's no serious snags. You can be sure I'll be spending every waking moment I can spare working on this though!

one of the three boxes opened

That's all for now. Oh and on a side note, I got a new vanity callsign! It's N6LAN, or Nolan with a 6. Nolan with a zero was taken. and Nolan with a 1 just sounded weird to me. Until next time, which should be soon, N6LAN clear.

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